Valentin Tambosi

Valentin Tambosi is a natural bodybuilding prep coach that exclusively coaches online. He is a Certified Strength Coach through Intelligent Strength and a speaker at their program at DAS GYM in Vienna, Austria. Valentin has over a decade of training experience, has worked with numerous international coaches and attended seminars all over Europe and the United States. He started personal training in 2015 while simultaneously building his online coaching business. 2016 he started coaching physique athletes and now solely focuses on prepping that clientele for the stage. He has competed in bodybuilding twice in 2014 and 2017 respectively, earning his natural pro status in his second season. Valentin has done seminars in Austria, Germany and Switzerland speaking about nutrition and training for optimizing body composition.



The likelihood of not winning is very high in bodybuilding. Many variables play a part and some of them cannot be controlled. However, transparency is important and the following numbers should give an overview of Valentin’s work:

All-Time Class Wins: 40
All-Time Top 3 Placings: 77
All-Time Overall Wins: 8

All placings listed are client results under Valentin’s coaching. If there is a class of for example 3 competitors and we take 3rd place, the placing is not counted towards the stats listed here.

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