My name is Valentin Tambosi. I’m a Certified Strength Coach via Intelligent Strength and competitive natural bodybuilder. I train people in-person at the Intelligent Strength facility "DAS GYM" and online.

I'm all about execution and quality. To achieve great things with your body, the how and why matters greatly when it comes to nutrition and training.

Those two fields have fascinated me for the last 10 years.

As somebody who was always active as a kid and found sports to be very freeing and challenging at the same time, my goal was to take combine knowledge and experience to help other people.

This is not going to be a sales pitch...

so I'll just phrase things as they come to mind: I get a kick out of helping people with their fitness goals. That's it really. That's the reason this website exists and why I do this. I could make up some dramatic life event that caused all of this but fortunately that wasn't necessary to spark my passion for coaching. I just love it.

Other Stuff I Like Besides Coaching

Watch James Gandolfini chase Phil Leotardo down the Jersey streets while listening to 'Rock The Casbah' as Tony Soprano. Nothing will ever come close. Eat apples. I don't know what it is about this fruit. It's delicious and... fruity. Listen to '70s soul music. And other stuff from that decade. Witness my New York Jets suck at offense. Train. Ok this one is kinda obvious, but for a complete list, this has to be on here. Read. I read one hour every morning and it changed my life. I recommend it to everybody I meet. 'Merica. I passionately defend the US against any of my euro friends. Oh boy, did I just get political? Unheard of. Anatomy. Well, that makes kinda sense. The better you know the car the better you can drive it.

If you have any more questions just contact me. You can also check out my Instagram and Facebook to see what content I put out on a daily basis. Talk soon!

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