Online coaching

Online Coaching

Offseason/Contest Pep Coaching for physique athletes.

online coaching


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online physique coaching

Service Features

Listed below are all the features that are included with every online coaching service offered by Valentin Tambosi.

Data & experience

Decision making is based on actual data (bodyweight, training volume etc.) and Valentin's experience. You get the best of both worlds.

deadline driven

Photoshoot? Physique Competition? Whatever your goal is, we'll work towards our deadline relentlessly.

goal oriented

The goal is to keep the goal the goal. Right from the start we'll establish what your goal is and how to best achieve it as quick as possible.

unlimited email support

You'll have unlimited email access to Valentin. Ask as many questions as you like.

support system

A coach is not just a person telling you what to do at the gym, but also a supporter that listens.

timely responses

Email response time is 36 hours or less to make sure you have all the information you need in due time.

personal & individual

Whether we're talking body composition or training, everything is tailored to your needs and preferences.

one on one

This is a one-man operation. You'll exclusively work with Valentin and no one else. You can be sure he and only he answers your emails.

Cardio Guidelines

Get cardio recommendations based on your activity levels, occupation and available time to get in your best shape.

Conditions & Expectations

Client Responsibility

ClientS are expected to...
- Check in on scheduled day,
- be open-minded to learn new methods and approaches,
- fully trust your coach,
- actively listen to their body and learn to interpret bodily signals,
- train hard and recover just as hard,
- be realistic about given timeframes for muscle gain and fat loss as a natural individual.
Brief walkthrough

The Coaching Process

Find out what the 3 coaching phases entail...

step #1


Initially you want to head over to the Apply page and fill out the form there. Please allow up to 7 days for a response.

step #2


I'm grateful to say that by now I can select who I decide to work with. I'm looking for highly motivated individuals (male or female) that want to build up their physique to its potential. Regardless if you're a beginner or advanced competitor, as long as you're passionate about your goal, there's a good chance of me taking you on.

step #3

First Contact

After looking at your application, I'll contact you via email. After a few back and forth emails in order to get to know each other we'll then proceed to exchanging necessary information to enable me to help you with reaching your goal.

step #4


In order to do that I'll send you an extensive questionnaire. This covers everything relevant to your fitness goals, allowing me to build custom programs for you. After filling out the questionnaire you can lean back for 48 hours or less and wait for your documents to kick the coaching off.

step #5

Client Setup & Documents

The final step is where things get interesting. I'll send you all your documents, guidelines and recommendations in your own folder stored in the cloud. You will have to download Google Sheets to access your spreadsheets. Next we'll take a look at the actual coaching process.

Step #1

Email Communication

This is where the magic happens. All communication is through email. I do not do Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or any other messenger service or social media platform. Email is focused and clean and that's how I want our conversations to be.

step #2


Check-Ins usually occur once a week but check-in frequency is kept flexible and depends on the client's goal. For check-ins the client sends progress pictures, bodyweight updates and other collected data. Based on that data, Valentin makes adjustments to push progress further.

step #3


The degree in which nutrition and training variables are adjusted varies from client to client, but essentially, the goal is to stay on track until the next check-in. Sometimes that means making drastic changes, sometimes that means making no changes at all. It all depends on how the week went.

step #4

Rinse & Repeat

From there it's just repetition. But don't be fooled: this is the hardest part. Getting to the top is easy, staying at the top is bloody hard. Maintaining a high level of consistency and discipline day in and day out are required to build something great. Take advantage of your coach's expertise between check-ins and you'll check-in weekly with new improvements to your physique.

Step #1

Be Your Own Coach

After we've reached your goal, we'll discuss what's ahead and how you want to continue your fitness journey. You may be surprised to hear me say this, but that journey may very well be traveled on your own without me. My goal as a coach is not to coach you forever. My goal as a coach is to give you all the necessary tools for you to be successful on your own.

step #2

Tools In Your Hands

Unlike other coaches, I won't send you out there empty-handed. Before parting ways I'll instruct you on possible adjustments you can make yourself in the future to ensure you know exactly what to do for more gains. There'll be no guesswork or confusion, just results ahead of you.

step #3

Comeback Time?

As a former client, there's always a coaching spot waiting for you if you decide to come back for more coaching with Valentin at a later time. Maybe you want to tackle an entirely new challenge or need to fine-tune your previous best - whatever the goal is, we'll accomplish great things together!