It's time to make a change

And you know it. Deep down you know your body is capable of great things. That's why you're here. Coaching is what I'm all about. Coaching is what I am passionate about. 

This is what allows me to help people.

This is what I do and it is not just about getting you lean and jacked. It's about consistency and lifestyle. It's about daily habits and going on auto-pilot. It's about execution, progression and longevity.

When you make the decision to get a coach to help you with your nutrition and training you've taken a brave step forward. There needs to be trust. There needs to be will.

There needs to be a goal.

Why am I telling you this? Because I expect certain things of you. I expect you to be willing to do work. I expect you to follow my recommendations precisely and give me honest feedback. This is a collaboration between two people chasing the same goal:

More muscle & strength.

If you have that goal than I encourage you to read on. There is more valuable information waiting for you to help you decide if you want to work with me. If you have any questions that are not covered here, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Online Muscle & Strength Coaching - EUR 204,00 (monthly)
Weekly/Flexible Check-Ins
Unlimited Email Support
12-Week Minimum Sign-Up Time
Serious Inquiries Only

I work with...

Highly motivated individuals that love to train and want to improve on a consistent basis. This means gaining muscle mass through training with weights and losing fat by being mindful of your nutritional habits. Training is based on a progressive approach, constantly challenging oneself to push strength up. You'll get a pump, but it's just one piece to achieve more muscle and strength.

Simple, effective, proven principles. 

I'm not working with anything magical here - just stuff that get's you to your goal. If you're into fads and dogmas please move on.

I specialize in getting  results. I coach. You win.

When working with me be prepared for the following...

1) Accurately tracking your food intake,
2) training very hard for 4-6 days a week,
3) sufficient recovery, especially lots of sleep,
4) learning about nutrition and training for hypertrophy & strength,
5) lots of communication via email,

6) a coach that listens to your input,
7) results.

What Other Professionals are Saying

Andreas PĆ¼rzel

Gym Owner | Strength Coach

Intelligent Strength

"Valentin successfully completed our Strength Coach Education Course in 2014. In addition to our courses, Valentin has expanded his knowledge through further education with international experts. I can personally confirm his qualities as a trainer. Expertise, combined with passion and training experience allow Valentin to stand out amongst other coaches. No Bullshit. Approved."

Mike Israetel

PhD in Sport Physiology

Renaissance Periodization

"Valentin is just plain old meticulous. Every small detail of each of his programs is superbly defined, leaving nothing to chance. If you're very serious about your results and don't care much for a sloppy approach that cuts corners, Valentin's precision and dedication is right up your alley. If you're ready to put in the work and ready for results, I highly recommend Valentin Tambosi."

Can you explain the coaching process?

It is my pleasure. Actually it isn't, because I have to explain this stuff to somebody over email or Facebook every other week, but I'll make an exception for you.

First you apply for Physique Coaching on this page. There are limited spots. I will then contact you via email and we'll send a few paragraphs back and forth to get to know each other. If we decide this will be a fruitful collaboration we immediately start.

Once you have subscribed via PayPal we kick things off with an Initial Assessment. You will go through an extensive questionnaire where I want to know everything about you. 

After filling out the questionnaire I will take some time (no longer than 72 hours) to design your Customized Nutrition & Training Program based on your answers from the questionnaire. This will be your base. You'll probably have a bunch of questions after receiving these resources and I'll happily answer them (let's just pretend I'm happy when I'm answering them, god knows what mood I will be in).

Following that we'll have Weekly Check-Ins. These are crucial. You'll send me progress pictures and tell me how the last 7 days went. Were there any hick-ups or problems with your nutrition? Did you get enough sleep? How was your training performance? Stuff like that. Really insightful for me to make adjustments to your nutrition and training. These two always go hand in hand.

We'll do this every week. It's gonna be awesome because it will teach you consistency and get you into a rhythm. With some people I even do two weekly check-ins because they need that level of accountability - which is totally fine.


Become a Master

The basics are king. Mastering them is the fastest way to your dream physique. I'll teach you the principles behind getting diced and jacked in the Hypertrophy Master Course. Yesterday you said tomorrow - start now!

I want instant access

You don't pay for a program
you Pay for coaching

Email Support

Unlimited support via email with a guaranteed response time within 36 hours of initial contact. Ask me anything regarding your nutrition or training, send me videos of your training to ensure proper lifting technique or just send me a paragraph how you messed up your entire week of progress by binge-drinking with your buddies last night - all welcome.

Regular Check-Ins

Check-in frequency depends on training phase and client. They can therefore occur on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. With some clients I might tell you when's the next time you'll check-in with me. Check-ins include adjustments to training and nutrition, comparing progress pictures and just talking things over. It's an on-going conversation that is at the heart of the coaching process.


My guarantee to you

My idea of working with a client is based on the belief that we both genuinely respect each other. In order for me to respect myself I want to deliver. Every time. But I won't offer you a money-back-guarantee.

I'll offer you something better.

If for any reason you're not satisfied with me or your results - I'll work until it's right. That means if we initially agree on working together for 14 weeks and you don't see the desired results within that timeframe, then I'll throw in as many additional weeks necessary to get you results for free.

And if for some reason I'm not able to deliver, I'll send you your money back. As of today this has never happened.

Online Muscle & Strength Coaching - EUR 204,00 (monthly)
Weekly/Flexible Check-Ins
Unlimited Email Support
12-Week Minimum Sign-Up Time
Serious Inquiries Only
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