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Valentin Tambosi

I'm an online physique coach based in Vienna, Austria. I've been working as a personal trainer for several years and have 3 years of experience coaching clients online. I'm a professional natural bodybuilder with the IPE. My business focuses on working with both males and females looking for significant improvements in body composition. Additionally I'm a speaker at Intelligent Strength in their leading Strength Coach program.

To achieve great things with your body, the how and why matters greatly when it comes to nutrition and training.

Those two fields have fascinated me for the last decade. As somebody who's always been active as a kid and found sports to be very freeing and challenging at the same time, my goal was to combine knowledge and experience to help others.

I'm all about execution and quality.

I get a kick out of helping people with their fitness goals. That's it really. The reason this website exists and why I do this has nothing to do with profit. I could make up some dramatic life event that caused all of this, but fortunately that wasn't necessary to spark my passion for coaching. I just love it.

Professional testimonial

Cliff Wilson

Natural Pro Bodybuilder & Physique Coach @ Intensity Is Everything
"Valentin Tambosi is one of the few coaches in the industry that understands the value of combining proven scientific methods with practical experience.

He has a true ability for thinking outside the box of traditional approach and is always looking to push forward with new and innovative ideas. When you combine this with his passion for the sport of bodybuilding, and his care for the people he works with, you end up with a truly gifted coach.

He's one of the few prep coaches in the industry that I recommend."

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professional testimonial

Mikey Weiss

 DFAC & PNBA Natural Pro Bodybuilder & Physique Athlete,
Head Coach @ The Mind Matter Lifestyle Elite Online Training
I can't find enough words to say about my good friend and colleague Valentin Tambosi. After spending time together on work trips, seeing Valentin compete professionally, getting to know one another and being fortunate enough to train with one another, it’s obvious that he knows what he is doing!

What has always impressed me about Valentin is his overall in depth knowledge on training and his overall outlook on the process. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone that knows the nuances and technicalities of training more than him, and I am still performing training techniques that he has taught me.

Each time I get to spend time with him, I am able to learn something new and unique and am able to apply that to my own methods and training. Hands down an absolute professional and master of his craft!
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professional testimonial

Mike Israetel

PhD in Sport Physiology, Head Science Consultant @ Renaissance Periodization
"Valentin is just plain old meticulous. Every small detail of each of his programs is superbly defined, leaving nothing to chance.

If you're very serious about your results and don't care much for a sloppy approach that cuts corners, Valentin's precision and dedication is right up your alley.

If you're ready to put in the work and ready for results, I highly recommend Valentin Tambosi."
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professional testimonial

Andreas Pürzel

CEO & Founder @ Intelligent Strength, Natural Bodybuilder
One of the best. Valentin is all about expertise and passion. Not only do you maximize your body composition results, you also maximize life quality all around.
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