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EUR 55
Prime & Load Training Template

Fully periodized training template for hypertrophy

Aimed at lifters with at least 3+ years of training experience

Comes with 60+ videos & comprehensive PDF guide

This is not a customized training program

EUR 89
Nutrition Guidelines

Customized macro targets based on questionnaire

Macro tracking guidelines & supplement recommendations

Includes refeed guidelines & 3 Adjustment Phases to ensure progress for up to 3 months

This is not a customized meal plan

EUR 80
60-min Skype Consultation

Ask any nutrition or training questions you have

Come prepared and maximize your consultation time

Get answers specifically based on your needs

If scheduled consultation is canceled by client within 24 hours before appointment, full price will be charged

fully periodized Hypertrophy training template

Listed below are all the features included in the program.

Exercise video library

60+ videos demonstrating how to execute all exercises correctly and maximize your results.

intensity explained

Intensity may be the missing piece in your training. This template will teach you how to push through the pain barrier.

comprehensive guide

Comes with detailed PDF giving a comprehensive overview over the program and its variables.

fully periodized

The template is set up in distinct training blocks with accumulation and taper phases for optimal training.

mind-muscle connection

Learn what it means feel the target muscle and how to properly load it without sacrificing execution.

execution, progression...

and longevity. These 3 key principles are at the heart of the template and will kickstart your progress.

fully automated & customized nutrition program

Listed below are all the features included in the program.

adjustment phases

3 distinct adjustments phases will allow for continued progress toward your goal physique.

customized targets

Based on questionnaire, you'll received fully customized macro targets fitting your needs.

tracking examples

Comes with tracking examples teaching you how to account for calories and macros.

nutritional priorities

Learn what really matters when it comes to nutritional success.

refeed guidelines

Implement weekly refeeds to stave off fatigue and fuel your training.

supplement guidelines

Learn what supplements are worth your money and truly make a difference.

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